Where are Capt. Labinjo’s ’40 Greek ships’?

Where are Capt. Labinjo’s ’40 Greek ships’?

By June 2016, it will be exactly a year Capt. Dada Labinjo, signed deal with Greek Shipowners on an arrangement to supply about forty ships to Nigerian Shipowners.
Labinjo at a meeting where the deal was sealed said the partnership with the Shipowners would allowed Greece to bring in 40 vessels.

 Labinjo said that the ships, which will be of various classes and tonnage, would eventually belong to the indigenous ship owners within two years.

“We have signed the agreement between us and Greeks and Nigeria will acquire the 40 ships in not less than 24 months.

“NISA is providing a platform for younger and unborn generations and I wish the ships will be growing from 40 to 60 and to 100,” Labinjo told Nigeria in a world press conference last year.

But, about one year down the line, the deal was yet to materialised as no ships has arrived the shores of Nigeria since the deal was signed.

It would be recalled that immediate past Chairman of NISA, Chief Isaac Jolapamo had earlier expressed pessimism over the deal describing the ’40 Greek ships a scam.’
Jolapamo called the Greek who brokered the deal a fraudster who helped in defrauding his daughter in several millions of dollars.

“I can show you documents here. The man was supposed to be arrested when he came to Nigeria for aiding money laundering, because that was the man Labinjo used as broker in the scandal with my daughter. That man came with some people and said ‘I am going to give you my ship and the bank will support’. The banks didn’t know what they are doing. If they know what they are doing, they won’t get themselves involved in the scam

At the right time, I will come ‎out with facts and figures.”

Also, Ms. Nike Jolapamo, daughter of Dr. Isaac Jolapamo has warned that deal was nothing but a fraud.

Jolapamo who had a sour deal with Labinjo alleged that the Greek ship broker, Radunia International Corporation of Greece that brokered the deal between Nigerian shipowners and the Greek shipowners was the same company that Labinjo and his wife used to dupe her of $6.5m.

“This same Nikos Moraitis owner of the Greek ship company that transferred my money in trenches to Labinjo was the same guy that I saw on Television saying that they are going to bring 40 vessels to Nigeria. Its all fraud and lie. That was the same guy used to defraud me,” she said.

But, nonetheless stakeholders  query of the genuineness of the deal but a widely reported deal created to change the fortune of Shipowners must be be allowed to die prematurely.

TRANSPORT & MARITIME ONLINE suggest the suspended President of NISA, Capt. Labinjo should come out to tell stakeholders and government the present status of the deal and whether there was need to modify the deal to make it a reality.

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